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This layout guide explains the way all articles of the Cast category should be displayed in terms of sections and their content. Please follow this layout when creating Cast pages. This applies to all Cast pages.

Cast (Overall Layout)

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Full Name

Martina Alejandra Stoessel Muzlera






March 21, 1997

Eye Color


Hair Color

Medium brown with caramel highlights


Singer, actress, dancer, model

Years active



Violetta Castillo

"Cast member's name" (born (birthday)) The cast member's name and birth date should start off the page in bold letters. It should lead a sentence that introduces the cast member and their profession. This should be a small introducion. Other things that should be included is who the cast member protrays. A template titled: "InfoboxCast" should be added. See example to the right. As much as possible should be filled in.

Life and CareerEdit

Here, you should describe the actor's early life, career and personal life. Remember, each section should be a different time period (year).


Here, you should list the movies, TV shows, television competitions etc. that the actor appeared or starred in.

Awards and NominationsEdit

Here, you're going to add the awards and nominations the actor had won or have been nominated for.

External LinksEdit

In this section, you should give a lists of the actor's official sites, like website, blog(s), Twitter account, Instagram account, Facebook page, IMDb page, Wikipedia page, etc.


Here, you should list any trivia about the actor or actress. Remember, everything should be cited, you must show a reference or proof.


The template Gallery must be displayed on this section. The page should be linked like this:

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To view the Martina Stoessel gallery, click here.


This is where the references are listed. Everything on the page that cannot be verified without a citation (history, background, trivia mostly) should be given a reference. In this section all that needs to be put is this template: Reflist. With that there, all of the references listed on the page will automatically appear.


  • Pictures should be scattered about the page to accompany different sections.
  • If something is in need of a citation, please add a citation.

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